Melco Bravo Embroidery Machine Package G

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Two heads, 16 needles, DesignShop Pro+ V10 Software And Brand New HP Laptop.

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Bravo Package G: 2 16-Needle Embroidery Machines With Networking Software

Bonus Bundle!

• 100 Spools of Thread.
• FREE Stabilizer.
• 48 Months Interest Free Financing.
• 24/7 Support, 365 Days.

The perfect startup for embroidery production on a tight budget, choose the Melco Bravo. It offers powerful features at an affordable price. The Bravo can embroider quality designs on apparel, caps, bags and a wide range of textiles beautifully.

Brand New Hewlett Packard Laptop Computer.

Hewlett Packard Laptop Computer

Use this brand new Hewlett Packard laptop computer to run the design software and operate the Bravo embroidery machine.

Hewlett Packard laptops deliver the speed you need to get things done. With industry-leading processors, you never worry about having enough power.

The laptop is included with the Bravo embroidery system at no additional charge.

Melco Bravo System Minimizes Downtime.

Melco Bravo embroidery machines operate independently of each other, on the same network. Imagine running a large embroidery order on your multi-head system. Suddenly, there is a thread break on head number two. With Melco Bravos, the other head will keep running while the thread break is fixed on head two. In contrast, all heads on a conventional system will stop until the problem is fixed.

Melco Bravo Package Contents.

Steel Stand Included.

Bravo Steel Stand

TWO 16-needle embroidery heads.
• DesignShop Pro+ V10 Digitizing Software.
• FREE On-Site Training.
• FREE USA Setup in the 48 contiguous states.
• All sewing fields (16.1 x 15.7).
• Jacket back hoop (17.25 x 11.25).
• Hewlett Packard Laptop Computer.

This package includes Auto Digitizing (Vector Art) /OS v10 Software.

Melco Bravo Embroidery Machine Features.

The Bravo can produce all the embroidery your customers expect. Personalized goods are in demand and the Bravo is built to meet that demand. The range of products is huge!

• NEW! Enhanced screen layout.
• NEW! Object properties window.
• NEW! File info. in open dialog box.
• NEW! Realistic display of trimmed/non trimmed thread.
• NEW! Property toolbar.
• NEW! Backup system/Autosave.
• NEW! Improved help system.
• NEW! Internet update.
• NEW! Color handling system.
• NEW! True element bounding boxes.
• NEW! Scale toolbar.
• NEW! Envelope for lettering.
• NEW! Customize both envelope and perspective baselines by adding points along the line.

• Enhanced entry & exit point symbols.
• Custom hoop selections.
• Show stitches in 3D.
• Unlimited undo/redo.
• Graphical zoom in and out.
• Show/hide stitches, wireframe points lines, connectors, entry/exit points and elements.
• Print: Design, status, note, company logo.
• Drawing speeds (slow to fast redraw).
• Project tree.
• Color mapping.
• Color palette and navigator.
• Wireframe Editing.
• Expanded stitch editing.
• Automatic borders.
• Satin or walk/bean stitch.
• Density/column width adjust.
• Automatic underlays.
• Color changes/border sequence.
• Display alphabet code sheets.
• Units of measure (English, metric, points).
• Display embroidery hoops for commercial machines.
• Scale, rotate and slant individual letters.
• On-screen lettering.
• Lettering properties simplified.
• Multi-color, symbol, monogramming for text.

• Change height, width and slant for text.
• Change color of individual letters.
• Closest, bottom or as-digitized connections.
• Scale, rotate and slant lettering elements.
• Font (alphabet) preview.
• Auto fabric adjustment.
• Auto underlays.
• Change letter stitch order.
• Center out.
• Right to left.
• Left to right.
• Change line stitch order.
• Top to bottom.
• Line wrapping.
• Bottom up.
• X, Y pull compensation.
• Insert, delete move and change input points.
• Group/ungroup and search.
• Scale and rotate.
• Cut, copy, paste and duplicate.
• AMAYA color sequence ability.
• Direct link from DesignShop V9 to AMAYA.
• Additional formats (.pat, .gnc, .emd, .shv).
• Full Sewing Field (16.1 x 15.7 inches).
• Optional Wide Angle Cap Frame (14.25 x 3.23 inches).

Melco Bravo Specifications.

Bravo is the only embroidery machine made in the USA.
Specifications are shown for one of the four machines.

Machine Configuration.
• Single head.

Type and Number of Heads.
• 1 Arm & Bed.

Machines in network.
• Network up to 4 machines.
• Call for networking details.

User Interface.
• New Operating Software with more functionality.

Simplified User Interface.
• Step by Step Guide Software.

Number of Needles.
• 16.

Thread Feed Technology.
• Patented Acti-Feed Auto Tension.

Thread Break Detection.
• Yes.

Automatic Thread Trimmer.
• Yes.

Lighting Type Cold Bright.
• Cold bright LED.

Min/Max Sew Speed Flat Hoops.
• 300-1100 SPM.

Min/Max Sew Speed Optional Cap Hoop.
• 300-1100 SPM.

Stitch Length Range.
• Only Limited by Hoop Size.

Maximum Tubular flat hoop size (X by Y).
• 360mm x 300mm (14.17 inches x 11.8 inches).
• Effective sewing area is 1/2 inch less.

Removable Table Top with Tool Bays.
• Yes.

Power Supply (Volts).
• 90 - 260V. (Single Phase, 50/60 HZ, 4A).

Power Consumption (Watts).
• Typical: 200 Watts.
• Max: 650 Watts.

Temperature Range.
• 15-40 C.

• Max 85% Relative Humidity.

Installation Category (overvoltage).
• II.

Pollution Degree.
• 2.

Motor Type(s).
• Servo.

Motor Capacity (kV).
• X and Z: 100 Watts.
• Y: 250 Watts.

Machine Construction Material.
• Aluminum Frame.

Design Shop 10 Features.

25 New Alphabets.
New Alphabet Categories.
Sorted alphabets make it easier to find that perfect typeface. This includes a Recent Projects category for that alphabet you just used in the last project.
New Alphabet Search Function.
If you know the name or part of the name, type it in the alphabet field. DesignShop filters by what what you type!
New Alphabet Previews.
Previews now appear on screen with a full preview of the alphabet, a live preview of the selected lettering, and guidelines for embroidery alphabets.
New Alphabet Print Function.
You now have the option to print a preview of the current alphabet or all of the embridery alphabets in your software.
New Main Screen Look And Feel.
Updated icons and toolbars.
New Digitizing And Editing Cursors.
The digitizing and editing cursors have been improved,enlarged, and are now easier to use.
Expanded Filter Support.
Open ART and EMB files.
Operating Systems.
Fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.
Virtual Security Keys.
No more physical security keys or dongles!
New "Open" Dialog.
View all supported embroidery and graphic files at the same time.
Updated Thread Charts.
New colors and new thread color names.
Element Naming.
You can name elements and color blocks in the Project View.
Improved Vector File Support.
Rendering of vector files has been improved.
Raster Preview Of Vector Files.
A rasterized preview of the opened vector graphic is generated and displayed in the background of the view window.
Mighty Hoop Support.
Mighty Hoops have been added to the hoop list.
New Hoop Tech Clamp And Frame Support.
New Hoop Tech clams and frames have been added to the hoop list.
Improved Help.
The manual has been rewritten and newly formatted for easy printing or transfer to most tablets and some e-readers.
Improved Icon Preview Generation.


Physical Specifications.

Melco Bravo Specifications without Cart.

724mm (28.5 inches).

950.9mm (37.4 inches).

737mm (29.0 inches).

75kg (165 lbs.).

Melco Bravo Specifications with Cart.

724mm (28.5 inches).

1584mm (62.4 inches).

944mm (37.2 inches).

95.4kg (210.3 lbs.).

More Information.