Hinterberg Summit Machine Quilting Frame

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Summit has three-roller advanced frame design, steel carriage, adjustable grip, roller height system.

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Hinterberg Summit Machine Quilting Frame.

The Summit Quilting Frame is different from any other machine frame on the market. Hinterberg Design built upon the experiences of the Stretch Frame and their expertise in quilting design, furniture design, and industrial design to develop all the features of the Summit Frame.

It is truly the smoothest, strongest, most full-featured frame on the market today.

Hinterberg Summit Key Features.

Hinterberg Summit Adjustments
Hinterberg Summit Close Up
Hinterberg Summit End View


Hinterberg Summit Height Adjustment
Hinterberg Summit Low View
Hinterberg Summit Ratch

Hinterberg Summit Features.

  • Advanced Frame Design - The beautiful hardwood structure of the frame masks its advanced engineering. The design of the frame includes center support, angle bracing, and cross trestle to ensure a vibration free quilting, and a perfectly square setup for accurate machine movement. Yet, it is as stunning as the quilts it creates. A showpiece in any home.
  • Steel carriage with advanced tracking and stability*. The carriage rides 4 ball bearings to reduce friction. 4 rubber rollers grip the frame for perfect tracking and smooth cushioned movements. Fully adjustable to adapt to any home-setup variations.
  • Adjustable Frame Size - Choose the length of your frame, either 6 foot, 8 foot, or 10 foot parts are included with the standard frame. For larger frames, an extension kit is available for 12 foot or 14 foot frames. You can order conduit rollers from us up to 14 foot.
  • Three Roller design eliminates basting your quilt layers together before quilting - no more pinning! The rollers never bend or sag, creating even tension across your entire quilt. The frame includes a 4th roller for your batting. Roll several quilts' worth of batting onto the roller and feed it into your quilts as you go. Keeps your batting clean and wrinkle-free while saving you time during quilt loading. 1-1/4 Inch EMT conduit not included. (Available at Home Depot or any building supply center for under $100.)
  • Quick-Adjust Roller Height System* Large cranks quickly adjust your rear roller as you advance your quilt. Similar to large professional systems, it is faster and easier to setup and advance your quilt than other home-frames on the market. This feature alone will save you hours of frustration over a year of quilting.
  • Metal Ratchet wheels turn smoothly and grip securely to create even the smallest tension adjustments in your quilt layers. You can choose to set up your frame right or left handed.
  • Adjustable grip, spring-clamp bungee end tensioners. Quickly release or tighten to adjust the side tension on your quilt.
  • Easily adjust the height of your frame from 29 inches to 42 inches (seated or standing). Simply pull the safety pin, and loosen the knob to slide the leg up or down. Marked height settings to match all leg heights. Great for frames with multiple users or if you simply want to change your quilting position.
  • Large template platform & rear work surface. Great for pantographs, grooved boards or setting scissors or pin holders on the side of your workarea.
  • Use velcro, zippers or pins to attach your quilt to the roller.
  • Compatible with Quilt-EZ Template System.
  • Approved for use with the QBOT computerized quilter. Extremely stable design makes the Summit ideal for Automated Quilting.
  • Easy to Store - Take down or set up in minutes.
  • Five year warranty on all frame parts.
  • Compatible with Voyager 17 Inch Sewing Machine, or Indigo 19 Inch Sewing Machine, Handi Quilter machines, Nolting machines, Tin Lizzie, Pfaff 18x8, Viking 18.8, Queen Quilter, as well as other machines up to 24 inches. Additional parts may be necessary.
  • Proudly Made in Wisconsin, USA.

Hinterberg Summit Information.

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