Tin Lizzie Ansley 26 ESP Limited Long Arm Quilter With Phoenix Frame

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The Ansley 26 ESP Limited has a sttich regulator, needle positioner, bobbin winder, adjustable handlebars, and oil reservoir.

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Tin Lizzie Ansley 26 ESP Limited Long Arm Quilter With Phoenix Frame.

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The ALL NEW Ansley26 ESP Limited offers quilters more of what they buy a TinLizzie brand for. With the same great features of our 18 inch model, Ansley26 ESP offers the largest quilting area available on the market when compared with other 26 inch models.

Ansley26 ESP’s state-of-the-art stitch regulation and the famous Lizzie Stitch, combined with the largest usable throat space available -- 26 inches x 8 inches, the new LCD monitor, 5-year warranty, adjustable handlebars, oil reservoir, built-in bobbin winder, largest capacity bobbin, and needle up/down all make the Ansley26 ESP your best choice when considering a long arm quilter.

With no size limitations and the highest quality on the market, no other company can match our machine at such an affordable price.

Bundled Frames.

The Ansley 26 ESP mounts easily on the carriage deck of either the Phoenix or the Falcon frame, and glides smoothly for easy quilting.

  • The Falcon frame is designed with home quilters in mind. A wood frame made of the highest quality and strength, it’s easy to assemble and expands up to 10 feet (120 inches).
  • Phoenix is the frame specially designed for Ansley26 ESP. The all steel frame is adjustable in height and stretches from six feet (72 inches) to king-size (144 inches).

State-of-the-art Stitch Regulator And Lizzie Stitch.

The Ansley 26 ESP model features a 7-inch LCD touch screen display. When you select any of the stitch modes, including the famous Lizzie Stitch, your machine coordinates with your movements; as you move the machine it sews, when you stop it stops with you. With stitch regulation so precise, allowing for even the finest micro-stippling, the new ESP makes quilting elegant, sophisticated and precise.

Auto Needle Positioner.

The Ansley 26 ESP has the ability to stop in the needle up or needle down position with exact precision, minimizing bent or broken needles and allowing free movement of the machine.

Built-In Bobbin Winder w/ Large Bobbin.

The Ansley 26 ESP offers a built-in bobbin winder that winds while you quilt, so your next bobbin is always full and ready. It also features the largest available bobbin capacity, the M-size bobbin.

Adjustable Handlebars.

The handlebars are fully-adjustable to any position helping to ease tension and tired muscles, and make intricate quilting easier. Now that’s elegant, sophisticated and precise!

Integration of Quilt Magician And ESP Stitch Regulator.

A seamless integration where technology meets computerized quilting: Simply attach the hardware, plug it in, and you have a fully-automated system. Simplicity at its best.

Oil Reservoir.

The Ansley 26 ESP requires little maintenance. The oil is self-contained so you no longer have to worry about oil on your quilts or oiling the hook with every bobbin change.

Tin Lizzie Ansley 26 ESP Limited Features And Options.

  • Throat Space: 26 inches x 8 inches.
  • Actual Quilting Area: 23 inches.
  • Machine Weight: 52 pounds.
  • Warranty: 5 years parts / 1 year labor.
  • Professional Delivery, Setup & Training: Available through Dealer.
  • Frame Included: Phoenix Standard / Falcon Optional.
  • Specially Designed Vertical Wheels: Standard.
  • Gear / Shaft Power Transfer: Gear Driven.
  • Cast Aluminum Molded Sewing Head: Standard.
  • Double-Capacity "M" Style Bobbin: Standard.
  • Dual Thread Capability: Standard.
  • Built in Bobbin Winder: Standard.
  • Heavy-duty Top Shaft Bearings and Bushings: 3.
  • LCD Touch Screen: Standard / 7 inch Monitor.
  • State-of-the-art Stitch Regulation: Standard / Lizzie Stitch.
  • Basting Stitch: Standard.
  • Idle Stitch: Standard.
  • Variable Speed Control: Standard.
  • Built in Diagnostics: Standard.
  • Stitching Speed: Standard.
  • Oil Impregnated Bushings: Standard.
  • Automatic Hook Lubrication: Standard.
  • Hook Position Finger: Standard.
  • Centralized Lubrication System: Standard.
  • One Button Operation: Standard.
  • Adjustable Walk Hopping Foot: Standard.
  • Adjustable Height Hopping Foot: Standard.
  • Two-station Needle Positioner w/Single Stitch: Standard.
  • Adjustable Laser Light: Standard.
  • Ergonomically Designed Handles: Standard.
  • Micro Handles with Electronics: Standard.
  • Velcro Attaching Cloth Leaders: Standard.
  • Fluorescent Dimming Light: Standard.
  • Bungee Clamps: Standard.
  • 4 Pantographs: Standard.
  • Limited Edition Color: Special Order.
  • Operator’s Manual & Instructional DVD: Standard.
  • Extension Table / Ruler Base: Available.
  • Open Toe Stippling Foot: Available.
  • Black Light: Available.
  • Rear Handlebar Controllers: Available.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Channel Locks: Available when equipped with Quilt Magician.
  • Computerization: Available.

Tin Lizzie Ansley 26 ESP Limited Delivery And Setup.

Tin Lizzie Ansley 26 ESP Limited Is People Friendly

Exclusive in-home delivery and setup from your TinLizzie18 Retail and Learning Center!

We offer (and even insist on) in-home delivery and set up. Our professionally-trained staff work around your schedule to bring you the industry’s best in-home setup and initial training on your new TinLizzie18 quilting system.

You will know from the moment our staff arrives that this is no ordinary in-home delivery! From the initial setup to training on your new machine’s many features, proper pin-on procedure, threading and proper care of your quilting system, and more, our team will be there to guide you through the start of your new adventure.

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