Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Six Needle Home Embroidery Machine UL/CSA

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PR655 Entrepreneur has 6 needles, 1000 spm, networkable, thread sensors, auto thread cutters, droplight marker, 3 USB ports.

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Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Six Needle Home Embroidery Machine UL/CSA.

When it comes to powerful, multi-needle embroidery machines, Brother™ sets the standard with the Entrepreneur® PR655 advanced 6-needle home embroidery machine, the next generation of state-of-the-art multi-needle embroidery. Boasting an array of new and standard features and functions that make it the first word in multi-needle embroidery for profit-minded professionals and passionate hobbyists alike, the PR655 offers everything you need to take your embroidery projects to the next level. The PR655 combines easy-to-use features with innovative technology to deliver an affordable yet feature-packed multi-needle machine for embroidery enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs.

Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Key Features.

Brother PR655 Droplight
Droplight™ Embroidery Positioning Marker.
This LED Pointer helps visually show where the needle will drop. Plus, use the Trial/Trace feature to see where the entire design will be embroidered before stitching! Avoids needle up/needle down for precise placement of embroidery designs.
Brother PR655 Shoe Embroidery
Optional Arm D & Clamp Frame. Easily embroider on the side of a shoe, shoe tongue, or even a backpack!


Brother PR655 Cap Embroidery
Cap Embroidery.
Brother PR655 Display
Display. Large colorful 4.4 inch x 7.3 inch Advanced Super View (ASV) HD LCD touch screen display by Sharp® Corporation.


  • 3 Additional Built-in Font Styles.
    You’ll love the professional results of the new Signature, Elegant and Children-style fonts.
  • Enhanced Frame Detection.
    Add to your creativity with even more frame detection for use with Border, Clamp, Quilt and Round frames.

Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Features.

  • 6-needle single head with large 12 inch x 8 inch embroidery area and automatic needle threading.
  • Droplight™ LED Positioning Marker.
  • Expanded library of 25 built-in designs; 28 size-adjustable fonts; Greek, Appliqué, Floral and Renaissance alphabet designs, plus frames, decorative alphabet designs and 60 BONUS designs on included USB memory stick.
  • Enhanced Frame detection.
  • Group/Ungroup feature.
  • Basting function.
  • Individual stitch backup.
  • Thread spool reset feature.
  • Built-in Link-Ready function (Optional PE-DESIGN® NEXT software required).
  • Three USB ports.

Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Specifications.

  • LCD Size (Horizontal x Vertical) inches: 4.4 inches x 7.3 inches Advanced Super View (ASV) HD LCD Display with enhanced 176° viewing angle and 16.7+ million colors.
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness Settings: Yes.
  • Screensaver: 5 built-in images included; personalized functionality.
  • On-Screen Help: Yes; on-screen tutorials, with videos and diagramsv
  • Built-in Languages: Yes.
  • Zoom Function: No.
  • On-Screen Editing: Rotate, mirror image, move, copy, enlarge/reduce, letter spacing, thread density, and group/ungroup edit functions.
  • Realistic Preview: Yes.
  • Lighting: Runway® Lighting with 2 LED lights.
  • Table: Optional (additional purchase required).
  • Needle Threading System: Automatic, for all 6 needles.
  • Thread Sensor: Yes, upper and bobbin threads.
  • Thread Sensor On/Off: Yes.
  • Automated Upper and Lower Thread Cutting: Yes, all 6 needles.
  • Quick-Set™ Bobbin: Vertical, auto thread delivery.
  • Built-in Memory: 1.7MB; Save up to 500,000 Stitches to Memory.
  • USB: 3.
  • Computer Connectivity with Update Capability: Yes.
  • Cable: Several Media via USB, Embroidery Card (via Card Reader).
  • Maximum Embroidery Area (X x Y): 12 inches x 8 inches.
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed (Stitches Per Minute): Up to 1000.
  • Speed Adjustment: Adjust needle speed from 400 to 1000 spm (frames); 400 to 600 spm (caps).
  • Adjustable Design Icon Size Setting: Yes.
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs (Non-License): 25 sample designs, plus BONUS! 60 additional designs on included USB memory stick.
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs featuring Disney/Pixar® Characters: No.
  • Built-in Alphabet Fonts: 25 size-adjustable fonts.
  • Built-in Alphabet Designs: 4 alphabet designs - Renaissance, floral, appliqué and Greek.
  • Monogramming Font Styles: 3.
  • Built-in Frame Designs: 10.
  • InnovEye™ Technology: No.
  • Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker: No.
  • Thread Wiper: Yes.
  • Resume Function: Yes.
  • Trial Position/Layout Function: Yes.
  • Thread Anchor: Yes.
  • Built-in Border Function & Designs: Yes.
  • Appliqué Creator Function: Yes.
  • Automatic Feed Thread Cutting: Yes.
  • Curving Text on Screen Editing: Yes.
  • Space Reduction among Embroidery Alphabets: Yes.
  • Pattern Rotating 1°, 10° or 90°: increments.
  • Drag and Drop Editing Yes.
  • Onscreen Automatic Density Adjustment (STB): No.
  • My Custom Design™ Feature: No.
  • Color Shuffling™ Function: No.
  • Print and Stitch™ Technology: Yes.
  • Programmable Monochrome Embroidery: Yes.


Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Carton Contents.

  • Accessory Storage: No.

Other Included Accessories.

  • Accessory kit with needle set (2).
  • prewound bobbins (6).
  • spool mats (6).
  • spool caps (6).
  • spool nets (6).
  • seam ripper.
  • tweezers.
  • screwdrivers (5).
  • scissors.
  • touch pen.
  • cleaning brush.
  • seam ripper.
  • needle threading tool.
  • oil.
  • bobbin tension gauge.
  • embroidery sheets (4).
  • card reader holder.
  • USB memory drive (with Brother logo).
  • USB cable.
  • power cord and Operation manual.

Included Embroidery Hoops: 4.

  • 1.5 inches x 2 inches.
  • 4 inches x 4 inches.
  • 5 inches x 7 inches.
  • 8 inches x 12 inches.

Additional hoop sizes available.

Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Mechanical Specifications.

  • Warranty: 2/6/25 year premium warranty.
  • Machine Dimensions (H x W x D): 30.312 inches H x 20.156 inches W x 23.188 inches.
  • Machine Weight: 81 pounds.
  • Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D): 36.0 inches x 29.75 inches x 32.74 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 114 pounds.
  • UL/CSA Listed: Yes, 110v.

Brother PR655 Entrepreneur Information.