Happy HCD2-1501 15-Needle Single Head Embroidery Machine

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HCD2 has LCD color touch screen, 1200 spm, 20x15 inch field, USB ports, network ports, continuous duty, 110 / 220Vac.

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Happy HCD2-1501 15-Needle Single Head Embroidery Machine.

The 15-needle HCD2 is HAPPY’s full-sized, heavy-duty commercial single-head embroidery. The HCD2 is easily HAPPY’s most capable single-head, with the largest sewing field, highest operating speeds and a heavy-duty drive system, enabling the machine to handle anything from delicate projects to heavy items to nonstop, year-round production.

Happy HCD2-1501 Key Features.

Happy HCD2 Sewing Information
Key Sewing Information At A Glance.
Happy HCD2 Ports
Built-In Networking And USB Ports.
Happy HCD2 Custom Screen
Customize Home Screen With Apps Used Most.

Happy HCD2-1501 Features.

  • Intuitive Color Touch screen – easy to learn and operate!
  • Big sewing power: 1200spm max speed, rated for 24 hour production.
  • Happy's largest continuous sewing field for amazing versatility.
  • Ear to Ear Cap sewing field and optional specialty cap sewing frames.
  • USB flash drive port: accepts various brands, sizes of USB flash memory sticks.
  • Built-in networking: control multiple Happy machines from 1 PC.
  • Very user-friendly customizable screen with built-in help, auto error correction.
  • Multi position arms accept a wide variety of Hoops and accessories.
  • Easy design positioning with easy design trace, visual hoop maps.
  • Multilingual control panel.
  • Brightly lit sewing area.
  • Built in fonts and stock designs.

Happy HCD2-1501 LCD Color Touch Screen.

Single Head Machines have a 7 inch touch screen panel that is packed with features!

Happy HCD2 Color Touch Screen
  • The 7 inch touch screen has a vivid LCD interface.
  • Easy Design Placement- Shows hoop as related to the design.
  • Displays your key sewing information at a Glance.
  • Customize your screen the way you want.
  • Easily place the Applications that you use most on the main screen.
  • One touch frame out for easy Appliqué.
  • Easy Design trace.
  • Full Built-in Networking and USB ports.
  • Auto Error correction for the most common issues.
  • One touch Firmware updates.
  • Advanced Control over every aspect of your sewing experience.
    • Speed.
    • position.
    • Color Sequence/ Change.
    • And Much More!

Happy HCD2-1501 Specifications.

Sewing Performance.

  • Continuous sewing field:
    • Normal (tubular) – 520 x 400mm.
    • Cap sewing field 2.8 inches h x 14.1 inches w.
  • Sewing Speed:
    • Normal (tubular) – 1200 spm.
    • Cap sewing speed 1000 spm.
  • Duty Cycle: 24 hr continuous operation.
  • Memory capacity: 2 million stitches / 250 designs.
  • Onboard lettering – generate, sew text directly on the machine.
  • Duty Cycle: 24 hr continuous operation.
  • Power requirements: 110v or 220v AC / 60hz.

Key Measurements.

Happy HCD2 Front View
Happy HCD2 Side View

  • Machine base width (A):
    • 30 inches.
    • With control panel (L) 33 inches.
  • Machine height (H): 35 inches.
  • Machine length/depth (W): 31 inches.
  • Machine weight:
    • 233 lbs assembled.
    • 500lbs new in shipping crate.

Happy HCD2-1501 Information.


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