Happy Stitch And Sew 2.0 Studio Plus Embroidery Software

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Stitch And Sew 2.0 Studio Plus includes Editor Plus, Studio, name drop, manual stitches, sequin stitch, design email, load vector art.

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Happy Stitch And Sew 2.0 Studio Plus Embroidery Software.

Three Versions.

With Version 2.0, Stitch & Sew is now offered in 3 levels:

  • Editor Plus (text creation, 71 fonts, lettering frames, monogram feature, combine text and designs).
  • Studio (Editor Plus, digitizing, font importing, photo stitch, auto cross stitch, load vector art).
  • Studio Plus (Editor Plus, Studio, 100 fonts, 30 lettering templates, name drop, sequin stitches, send design as email).

Compatible with 32 and 64-bit operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Based on the long-running CompuCon EOS line of digitizing systems, Stitch & Sew 2.0 offers many features in this digitizing system and is easy to learn. Lots of powerful digitizing and editing tools and upgradeable to the full CompuCon system or any level in between.

Stitch & Sew 2's Studio Plus level was designed for the serious digitizer in mind. Encompassing all of the tools of the other 2 levels, Studio Plus provides greater depth in the program’s digitizing, editing, and lettering suites.

For lettering capabilities, Studio Plus includes more font choices, shaping tools, and even a time-saving name-drop feature for batch customization.

Digitizers will appreciate the time saved with the fast manual stitch transition mode for fine detail and pathing, as well as the ability to work at the machine code level for better control of the sewout.

Throughout the entire creation process, the Plus level's incremental enhancements to the Studio software – which come for a merely incremental price difference – provide the digitizer with a big jump in productivity, with more efficient tools and better control.

Unbeatable Functionality.

Whether you are moving up and need more features or just starting out, the Embroidery Studio Plus level has all the Tools, Quality & Power you need to achieve impressive results.

Happy Stitch And Sew 2.0 Studio Plus New Features.

  • 100 high quality font.
  • 30 Lettering templates.
  • Name Drop sew logo & names from list.
  • Insert manual (hit, jump, sequin) stitches.
  • Add/change machine codes.
  • Sequin stitch type.
  • Send design as e-mail.
  • Direct loading of vector artwork from popular graphic packages.
  • For Windows XP, 7, and 8.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface.

Happy Stitch And Sew 2.0 Studio Plus Features.

Be creative with digitizing. Sequin is available in standard digitizing tools such as normal fill and running stitch, but also as manually input sequin.

Stitch Edit.
Edit even the smallest detail. Change machine codes for existing stitch files.

Monogram Input.
Take advantage of the high quality Monogram fonts.

Name Drop.
Add a list of names to sew with a logo. A different name will sew for each garment.

Standard Digitizing.
Use the Normal Fill, Column, Satin line, Manual Stitches etc. digitizing tools to create controlled, detailed designs.

Everything digitized can be easily edited and changed.

100 high quality fonts & 30 Lettering templates.
More fonts & frames to help you produce quality lettering effortlessly. Embroidery made simple, now even more powerful!

Happy Stitch And Sew 2.0 Studio Plus Information.