Tajima TWMX-C 1201 12-Needle Single Head Large Field Embroidery Machine

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TWMX-C has large 550 x 595mm field, 12 needles, 1 head, 1200 spm, thread break detection, arm and cylinder bed.

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Tajima TWMX-C 1201 12-Needle Single Head Large Field Embroidery Machine.

Tajima TWMX-C 1201 Embroidery Machine

For applications that require a larger embroidery fieldsuch as Varsity Jackets, Sports Jerseys, etc. The widetype is also capable of embroidery on traditional itemslike Caps, T-Shirts, Pockets and Bags.

Tajima TWMX-C 1201 Frames.

Tajima TWMX-C Tubular Goods FrameTubular Goods Frame.
Suitable for embroidery on tubular products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts or uniforms. Select from many sizes to fit your products.

Tajima TWMX-C Cap FrameOptional Cap Frame.
A wide cap frame for embroidery on finished caps. No matter what type of cap, embroider to a maximum length of 360 mm on the circumference of the cap (Adult size). Attach or detach caps on the cap frame with easyone-touch operation.

Tajima TWMX-C Auto Clamp FrameOptional Auto Clamp Frame.
From fabric to finished goods, embroider a wide variety of goods with out changing frames.

Tajima TWMX-C Pocket FrameOptional Pocket Frame.
An embroidery frame to apply embroidery to small pockets. This frame is available in two sizes.

Tajima TWMX-C Border FrameOptional Border Frame.
Use this frame for standard embroidery such as patches and appliqué. When using a border frame a special table is also necessary.

Tajima TWMX-C 1201 Specifications.

Stitch length.
Ternary scale: 0.1 - 12.1mm.
Binary scale: 0.1 - 12.7mm.
Max. 1,200 rpm.
AC Servo Motor x 1.
Pulse Motor x 2.
Single-phase: 100 - 120V, 200 - 240V.
50Hz / 60Hz.
Power consumption: 210W.
Model Needles Embroidery Space (D x W) mm
Normal Wide Cap Frame Semi Wide Cap Frame Tubular Frame
TWMX-C 901 9 550 x 600 75 x 360 83 x 180 550 x 595
TWMX-C 1201 12
TWMX-C 1501 15


Tajima TWMX-C Dimensions
Model A B C D E F
TWMX-C 901 990 970 880 243 935 820
TWMX-C 1201
TWMX-C 1501

Tajima TWMX-C 1201 Information.