Wilcom Deco Studio e3 Embroidery Software

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Deco Studio e3 has graphics to stitch conversion, lettering, monograms, auto fabrics, auto applique, visualizer.

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Wilcom Deco Studio e3 Embroidery Software.

Easy embroidery and apparel decoration design software. DecoStudio e3 is an all-in-one graphics and embroidery software solution.

Whether you’re adding embroidery to your range of apparel decorations, or starting an embroidery business, DecoStudio is the perfect place to set your anchor stitch. Wilcom’s renowned stitch technology integrated with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, makes DecoStudio the easiest way to create stunning embroidery, printing, laser cutting, rhinestone designs and more!

Wilcom Deco Studio e3 Software Features.

Graphics to stitch conversion – enhanced!

Wilcom Deco Studio Stitch ConversionIn one click, DecoStudio converts any vector shape into production ready embroidery, appliqué or bling designs. You’re then free to edit and enhance as desired. If you prefer, you can also digitize your own embroidery designs using manual tools. For bitmap graphics, use CorelDRAW’s tracing features to convert bitmaps to vector graphics first.

Easy multi-decoration design.

Wilcom Deco Studio Multi Decoration DesignWith CorelDRAW integration, the options are endless for creating brilliant, all-purpose designs. Create designs layered with print, embroidery, appliqué, and rhinestones and export them to the required file formats for production.

Embroidery Lettering & Monograms.

Wilcom Deco Studio LetteringWilcom is famous for quality lettering. Use any of the 150 pre-digitised fonts for speed, precision and no thread breaks! You can also convert any True Type fonts with ease. You've got a lot of control, including font color, scaling, font style, straight text or curved, stitch sequence and more. Monograms are easy with DecoStudio – choose a style, add borders and motifs for quick personalized giftware.

Auto Fabrics for best stitch results - enhanced!

Wilcom Deco Studio Auto FabricsHave the best-practice embroidery settings for underlay, pull compensation and stitch density settings automatically applied based on your chosen fabric. Whether you're working with fleece, pique or cotton, the stitching is automatically adjusted to suit.

Edit your designs with ease.

Wilcom Deco Studio Easy EditingDecoStudio provides you with true object-based editing to refine embroidery designs as needed. Edit embroidery in the same way you adjust vector files, change color sequencing, stitch types and remove small stitches automatically.

Additional features such as the Knife tool makes splitting embroidered shapes into separate pieces a cinch.

Visualize designs on actual garments.

Wilcom Deco Studio Visualize DesignsChoose from more than 50 product templates to help preview and share your vision of how designs will appear on different garments. Not only are these worksheets useful for the production team, but you can also create an associated Approval sheet, containing a visualization of your design on garment, to better inform your clients and help speed up the approval process.

Auto Appliqué – enhanced!

Wilcom Deco Studio Auto AppliqueCreate striking appliqué designs with DecoStudio. Simply tag the vector image you want and the Auto Applique tool automatically builds the tack-down, base and finishing stitches your machine requires. You can now also visualize the finished effect by previewing the actual fabric you have selected for the appliqué.

Works with all major embroidery machine brands.

Wilcom Deco Studio All Major BrandsWilcom software provides the brains to your machine. As the industry’s universal embroidery software, we offer support for all the major embroidery machines including Barudan, Tajima, Brother, SWF, Melco, Happy, ZSK and more.

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